Teo Treloar


Teo Treloar (b 1974) lives and works in Austinmer, NSW. For the past decade, he has focused on the development of his intensive drawing practice, which continually tests the discipline’s behavioural and emotional limits, examining the possibilities of minute gesture and trace. Much of his work is about the act of mark making itself, however his drawings also explore themes of masculinity and melancholy. Teo’s works often explore speculative narratives, and are serial in nature, expanding a single idea or image through various permutations that relate to a psychological progression, and the way thoughts can be tuned over and over in the mind.

 Teo Treloar received a Masters Degree from Sydney College of the Arts in 2006. He has taught Visual Art and drawing for the last decade, and currently works at Wollongong University as a Lecturer in Visual Arts. He has been included in several awards and prizes including The Churchie Award for Emerging Artists (2015) Hazelhurst Works on paper Award (2011, 2013, 2015) and The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing (2017)

Photo credit, The National 2019: New Australian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, image courtesy the artist and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia © the artist, photograph: Jacquie Manning