Teo Treloar

Teo Treloar (°1974, Sydney, Australia) is an artist who mainly works with drawing; he is primarily concerned with exploring existential aesthetics and speculative narratives through the drawn image. His graphite pencil drawings are notable for their finish and tactile nature. For Treloar the craft of drawing is of great importance, he is dedicated to the development of his technique through studying drawing in both its historical and contemporary contexts, from this point he creates his own platform for the medium.


Teo Treloar received a Masters Degree from Sydney College of the Arts in 2006. He has taught drawing for the last decade and currently works at Wollongong University as a Lecturer in Visual Arts. He has been included in several awards and prizes including The Churchie Award for Emerging Artists (2015) Hazelhurst Works on paper Award (2011, 2013, 2015) and The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing (2017)